Past weekend the 11. C.d.A. was held at La Mata del Herrador Polo Club, Seville.
The Copa de Andalucia is one of the most important anual tournamets of the year.
It was one of these beautiful weekends in fall. Great temperatur, golden fresh but warm.

The winner of the tournament was Horsev-Ybarra, the team with less handycap of all participating teams.
Pascual Alvarez was instopable.Paquito Morales showed his fast and smooth game. They played together with Antonio Gallego and Paco Siles who came from playing all tournaments of the Club.

Second winner was Sotovilla with a perfectly equalized team with Carla Alvarez, Pedro Beka, Enrique Barroso and Carlos Piñal.

La Mata came third and had the great honor to play with Oscar Mancini, who flew in from London. Without any doubt he was the star of the tournament.
He defended his team together with Manuel y Rafael Gonzalez Vallinas and Klarina Pichler.

The clasic Asado has been taken place sunday afternoon, just after the price giving ceremony. A especial gift for every player was a Sauvignon with a unique specialy for the tournament designed label, made by Klarina.

Thanks to Felix Mayorga, refree of the tournament.
Thanks to all participants, players, grooms and over all to the horses

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