Hunting and excursions

Traditional greyhound hunt on horseback

After a successful Polo season at La Mata del Herrador we would like to inform you, that we will continue with equestrian movement.

We offer the traditional “hare hunting”, Greyhound hunting on horseback.

This competition took place each year in Spain, for more than 100 year back.

The hunters hunt in groups, they are following the greyhounds without arms. The aim of the hunt is not to kill, but to compete against each other, to find and chase the hares with the dogs and the horses.

The greyhounds compete against each other in chasing the hares. Timekeepers and referees will ensure that all the hunting rules are followed. The winner is the hunting group with the fastest greyhound.

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The Hunting season has started

We are offering the chance to take part in the traditional hunting of hares with greyhounds in the beautiful landscape of Andalucía, in the middle of the valley of Carmona.

Hunting is in groups, competing against each other, each group with greyhounds to find and race the hares, the hunters following on horseback. Referees and timekeepers will ensure that all the hunting rules are followed, the group with the fastest dog being declared the winner.

The hunt begins with breakfast in the historic town of Carmona. The hunters will be followed by horse-drawn carriages, bringing tapas, drinks and wine for those taking part. At the end, there will be a rest and late lunch in one of Andalucía’s castles or haciendas, such as the Castle of Monclova or at the Hacienda La Mata del Herrador.

Accommodation will be in one of the historic hotels in Carmona, an ancient town with many sights to visit and full of charm and the centuries-old traditions.

The season begins in October and lasts until February. Group or individual bookings can be made, but there must be a minimum of three people to a group.

  • Two nights total accommodation.
  • The traditional greyhound hunt on horse with tapas and lunch.
  • Cost: 600€/person.


You will also have the opportunity to make excursions riding by yourself or in a horse carriage to the Coto of Doñana (Huelva) which is only half an hour away from Seville. We also have the option of other activities related with tourism and dining in Seville, as well as inother locations as the mountains and beaches of Cadiz and Huelva.

For further information, please don´t hesitate to contact the Mata del Herrador Polo Club: